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LELE is back with a brand new live show in 2022! Originally from Australia, LELE gained popularity after debuting in Tokyo as an official artist for Japan Music Week. Her unique blend of Japanese inspired electropop has been received by fans worldwide as a SMASH hit success, with spectacular performances across Australia, Japan and the UK. Her music is found in anime commercials and heard within interviews with some of the largest names in anime voice acting. With vibrant, Harajuku inspired costumes, prizes and catchy songs - LELE is a colourful personality that is NOT to be missed!




Mikachu is a British artist and streamer based in London, UK. She has a passion for dancing and creating music in different languages, including Japanese, Korean and English.

Pretty Little Cosplay

Pretty Little Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Hello Superstars!
I'm Pretty Little Cosplay / Photography but you can call me Rhi. I'm a friendly, chaotic Gremlin who has a passion for Cosplay, Anime, Gaming and Photography.

Come say hi to me if you see me on the weekend! I cannot wait to meet mutuals and make new friends :)

I'll be judging the Cosplay Masquerade and the Talent Show over the weekend. I cannot wait to see you express your creativity uwu

See you soon! ~

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